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Welcome to Mill Tyres - your Vehicle and tyre specialist in Boston.

Perfect wheel balancing with Hunter GSP9700 Road force technology You might think, wheel balancing is a simple task that can be done by anyone in any garage...

Well, it is not that simple. Of course, somebody can put the wheel in any balancing machine, spin it around and put a couple of weights in measuring more or less by the rule of thumb and that's it. But, that's not how it is supposed to be done. This way, the wheel balancing will never be accurate. The GSP 9700 StraightTrack® LFM (=Lateral Force Measurement) feature eliminates hidden spin problems and dramatically improves the vehicle's straightforward stability. We at Mill Tyres in Boston don't work like that.

For wheel balancing, we use the latest technology - the Hunter GSP9700 Road force technology. With the exclusive road force measurement, the rolling off of the wheel on the road is simulated to determine the radial and lateral force that the wheel causes.

We only use the best equipment for everything we do.


The GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tyre power and provides instructions to eliminate problems in the handling of the vehicle that traditional balancing machines cannot solve.

    • Wheel balancing
    • Radial force measurement
    • Lateral force measurement

The GSP9200 from Hunter helps to reduce balancing weights!

    • balancing the lateral (lateral) imbalance
    • Radial (high) unbalance balancing
    • Optimise the swirl effect with an assembly suggestion
    • Circular measurement with printout
    • Road force measurement to optimise rim/tyre

Lateral force measurement function

The lateral force measurement function of the GSP9700

One of the most difficult issues to fix are spin problems. The steering forces in the tyres are the most difficult to detect and up until recently were not measurable conditions that led to spinning problems. This issue could be verified in road tests, but the best placement of tyres on the vehicle was

unknown ... until now.

The GSP 9700 StraightTrack® LFM (=Lateral Force Measurement) feature eliminates hidden spin problems and dramatically improves the vehicle's straightforward stability.

    • Solves vibration problems,

which cannot be eliminated with traditional balancing machines.

Detects unbalance independent, radial force fluctuations, triggered by:

Tyre uniformity.

    • tyre and rim runout.
    • alignment errors.
    • bad bead seat.

Quick troubleshooting and repair Quick calculation of the total wheel mounting, which produce radial vibrations and simple "step by step" Instructions for their elimination.

Identify the vehicle side train The optional measurement of the side pull (StraightTrak® LFM **) measures the lateral tyre force, records this information the complete set of tyres and gives Suggestions on the positions the tyres should be mounted on the vehicle to have the least side pull -since this can not be determined during wheel alignment.

Improved handling performance This method of matching has so far only been used in the original equipment the car manufacturers applied to their new cars to ensure good performance characteristics. So, you see, there is a lot more to wheel balancing. Get your wheels balanced accurately by us. No rattling, no pulling, no premature wear. Let Mill Tyres in Boston and Hunter technology look after your vehicle and stay safe.