If your car is over three years old, you are required by law to send it for an annual MOT test. Here at Mill Tyres Ltd, we will be happy to do the testing on your car.At the main examination, we will test your vehicle. After passing the MOT test, you will take your vehicle home with the good feeling: "My car is safe!"

The Test Points at a Glance

About 160 points are on the checklist of our experts. We examine among other things:


License plate, mirror, hooter, speedo, radio interference suppression


Windscreen and wipers

Lighting equipment:

Headlights, low beam, main beam, parking brake, parking lights

Brake system:

Effect, pedal travel, tightness, brake lines and hoses, brake drums and discs, brake pads


Damage to tyres or rims, profile depth

Chassis and body:

Break, corrosion on load bearing parts, under-ride protection, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, axle body, oil loss

Fire safety of fuel/gas systems and electrical wiring

Exhaust and noise characteristics of the exhaust system

Steering system for ease of movement, play and function

The right preparation:

If you have the feeling, something might not be quite right with your vehicle; please come to see us at Mill Tyres Ltd before the MOT test is due so we can have a look and sort it out quickly.We want your vehicle to pass the MOT fast and at the first testing to avoid any hassle and extra costs for you.

Otherwise, you can certainly stay with us during the MOT test so we can provide you with more information about any defects or possible shortcomings that may occur in your vehicle in the future.

MOT test results

Without defects: Congratulations, your vehicle is in perfect condition and you will get the new MOT certificate

For minor deficiencies:

In case our tester has found a few minor flaws like for example a slightly scratched mirror or a defect light bulb etc. your vehicle will still get a pass certificate with a so called "Advisory note" attached. This notice tells you which things will need fixing shortly.They give notice of things that will eventually need fixing on your car. A follow-up test is not necessary, but it is strongly advised by the tester to get these issues sorted as soon as possible, for your own and your passenger's safety. This would also avoid any warnings in case of a traffic control.

Significant deficiencies:

If our tester finds significant defects, you will not receive a MOT certificate. These deficiencies must be rectified immediately as the traffic safety of the vehicle may be impaired. The vehicle must not be driven after it has failed the test until all repairs have been carried out. The repaired vehicle must be presented for a follow-up inspection within one month.

For example, you have too little tread on the tyres, strong rust on the load bearing parts or your brake only works on one side.

After the successful re-test, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe and you will be issued with a MOT test certificate.