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    Pirelli tyres: made in Italy

    Everything the Italians do, they do with passion. Car tyres are not much different. Pirelli tyres are known worldwide as "made in Italy" tyres, even though the Italian company has been in Chinese hands since the end of 2015. There are Pirelli summer tyres, Pirelli winter tyres and Pirelli all-season tyres. Also, Pirelli supplies many tyres for car and motor sports.

    A piece of history

    Pirelli was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. The company is located in Northern Italy Milan. It's big in car tyres and tyres for trucks and engines. A quarter of production is intended for the first installation; three-quarters are for the replacement market. Europe and South America are important markets for Pirelli. Pirelli's current CEO is Marco Tronchetti Provera, a son-in-law of the last Pirelli who was in charge of the group. In fact, Pirelli is still a family business. At the end of 2015, the company was acquired by ChemChina, which had about 15 euros per share for Pirelli. Nevertheless, the headquarters will remain in Milan.

    Pirelli summer tyres

    Italy is, of course, the country of summer. The Italian tyres of Pirelli are among the top of the summer tyres. The P7, P Zero and Cinturato are some of the most famous Pirelli summer tyres. For example, Pirelli P Zero provides extreme car control in all situations. You can count on maximum traction and brake performance. The asymmetric tread profile with longitudinal grooves protects you on wet roads and provides stability in the bends. Even at high speeds, you have a lot of grip with these tyres. Popular is also the Pirelli Cinturato, which is available in several variants. For example, the Cinturato P7 offers a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, plastic and sound comfort, good mileage performance, excellent brake performance and manoeuvrability. The profile has been optimised for less driving noise, while the central blocks and the rugged outside area provide excellent steering response and quick-turn control. The four broad longitudinal grooves quickly dissipate water in situations where aquaplaning can occur. Due to the innovative and advanced hybrid materials, the tires wear very evenly.

    Pirelli winter tyres

    In addition to summer tyres, Pirelli is also strong in winter tyres. Of course, in the Alpine area, you can count on the reliable grip and predictable road handling. And also in the rest of Europe. That's why Pirelli offers a comprehensive range of winter tyres of the highest quality. Known Pirelli winter tyres are the Pirelli Winter Sottozero, the Pirelli Cinturato Winter and the Pirelli Winter Scorpion.For this, he offers a special rubber compound and a directional tread profile in the shape of a double arrow. This gives you more traction in the snow. The wider grooves make this winter tyre extremely useful on wet roads and provide excellent brake performance. The 3D lamella technology ensures better manoeuvrability on dry roads and shorter braking distances.

    All-season tyres

    Do you prefer to ride a year round with one kind of tyre? Then Pirelli also has some all-season tyres in the assortment. This allows you to ride comfortably and safely on any road surface. Pirelli all-season tyres offer good lateral stability and traction on a wet or snowy road.

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