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If you are out and about via caravan, you know that caravan tyres have to withstand different challenges and weights than "normal" vehicle tyres. On this page, our team of experts at Mill Tyres in Boston will help you to understand and what to keep in mind when buying caravan tyres and what the particular stresses are they have to withstand.

Caravan tyres normally are not driven an enormous amount of miles, so they usually keep a proper profile for quite some time. Still, the life of caravan tyres is not unlimited. The rubber mixture of the tyres, which prevent hardening and cracking, gets weaker and unfold their effect only during driving. 

Therefore, we suggest replacing caravan tyres every 8 to 10 years. To find out the age of the tyres, please look at the so called DOT, located on the tyre side wall. There are four numbers visible (DOT 3012 = 30th calendar week of 2012). 

If you drive 60 mph with your caravan, its tyres mustn't be over six years old. In addition to the age of the tyres, influences from outside like the sun, wind, temperature differences, ozone etc. also add to the wear of caravan tyres. If you have your trailer standing for a longer period, you should be covering the tyres or even better, put the caravan on a jack.  

For caravans, winter tyres are not obligatory.  Nevertheless, it is advisable when going on winter tours to also equip the trailer with winter tyres. This will definitely improve your safety on the road.  

Speaking of safety, once the next holiday with the caravan is at the door step, come to us to get your trailer checked, including its tyres. The purchase of new tyres causes fewer costs and stress than the handling of a preventable accident. 

Buy Caravan Tyres at Mill Tyres in Boston and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind!