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Selling Tyres in Sutterton

Greetings Sutterton Motorists!

Are you finding it difficult to gain access to OEM car components, especially tyres? No garage in your village that can take quality care of your modern car?

Why don't you give Mill Tyres a visit? Mill Tyres is a local auto garage in Boston, which is around 7 miles away from Sutterton and can be reached via A16 and B1397. It is less than a 20-minute drive away only.

We are committed to delivering quality to all our customers. Therefore we only sell tyres that are manufactured by a number of well-known global tyre brands at Mill Tyres. Here is a quick list of some of the most popular brands of tyres we sell:

  • Hankook
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Kumho
  • Dunlop
  • Continental

No other garage provides as many tyre variants as Mill Tyres. Numerous variable factors such as weather, type of vehicle, road conditions, and load-carrying capability were considered as we prepare and update our inventory of tyres.

    • Car tyres for on-road driving capability.
    • 4x4 tyres for off-road driving capability.
    • Winter tyres for cold weather driving.
    • Summer tyres for summer weather driving.
    • All-season tyres for driving throughout all seasons.
    • Performance tyres to experience high-speed.
    • Run-flat tyres to safeguard from tyre punctures.
    • Agricultural tyres for vehicles used in agriculture sector
    • Van tyres, Motorhome tyres, Truck tyres, Caravan tyres for differing load-carrying capability

Meet us at our garage in Boston. Not only can you browse through our inventory of tyres but you may also get your vehicle fixed for any potential faults. We provide a vast range of car repairs, services and MOT check to motorists living in Sutterton. Here is a quick list of our services:

    • Car service
    • Level-4 Pre-MOT Check
    • Components Repair and Replacement (Brakes, Clutch, Batteries, AC, Exhaust, Suspension and many more)
    • Engine Diagnostic
    • Wheel alignment & wheel balancing
    • Tyre damage repair

We aim to provide the quality services and tyres Sutterton vehicles deserve! If you want to talk to us, visit us at Mill Tyres located at 87 Field Street, Boston today. Alternatively, you may call us on 01205 355 849 and speak to our support team or drop a message with your queries and questions from our Contact Us page.