Restoration Work

For us at Mill Tyres Ltd, old vehicles are not just rusty, old metal, but a historical, cultural asset.

We will give our best to preserve what you love!

For some, the "old" car is a childhood dream come true or an heirloom, full of memories.For others, it is a sound investment or for the fascination of technology from a certain epoch.There are many other reasons why people choose to buy or even collect old timers.For whatever reason you have decided to get an old timer, we are happy to be a part of this story and help you get the most out of your automobile treasure.

A classic vehicle is always extraordinary.

Regular vehicle inspections are indispensable for safety - and value retention.

Of course, it is essential to find the right, competent and highly qualified inspection/maintenance team to ensure the work on your precious vehicle is carried out correctly.

Here at Mill Tyres Ltd, some of our long-standing and highly specialised technicians are here for you and all your standard vehicle requirements. We would be pleased to advise you on the necessary repairs and maintenance measures or make suggestions to improve your vehicle's condition. We carry out all the necessary work around classic vehicles, complete the MOT testing and arrange for written expertise if necessary.

We are also specialists in complete vehicle restoration

We carry out several full repairs of different types of vehicles every year. The highest priority for us here is the restoration of the original condition. The exclusive use of first-class materials, of original spare parts and parts from specialist original equipment manufacturers as well as a perfect handling, our work has been outstanding for many years. We work with know-how and passion until the last screw.

We regularly carry out repairs on car bodies of various vehicle types. Whether due to rusting or accident, we fix any damage by using only the very best materials and are endeavouring to get your beautiful classic car back on the road as soon as possible.

Please come to see us and let us have the privilege to have a look at your beautiful classic car.