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Pirreli performance centre

Mill Tyres – authorised Pirelli performance centre

What is a Pirelli Performance Centre and what is so special about it?

Pirelli is as you probably know, one of the world’s top tyre manufacturers, if not the most prestigious one.

As an extra special service for their valued customers, Pirelli has chosen and “handpicked” only 116 top quality workshops, working only with the latest state of the art technology and specially trained experts in the UK to become Pirelli performance centres.

We at Mill Tyres in Boston are very proud of having been chosen. But we have been picked from Pirelli for all the right reasons… The latest and most advanced state of the art equipment approved by Pirelli like:

GSP 9700 Hunter wheel balancer (with simulated road test) Hunter Hawk Eye Wheel alignment which uses a scissor lift to perform a 100% wheel calibration. This is the perfect solution for all High-end cars like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley etc. Becoming a Pirelli performance centre is not an easy task. It does not mean every garage can just buy expensive, high-end equipment and start as a Pirelli Performance centre.

A garage owner cannot just approach Pirelli and “apply for the job” – A Pirelli representative will contact the garage owner, visit the workshop several times to check work processes, technical skills and the equipment used.

If the agent finds the garage suitable, the whole team will undergo extreme training during several specialised courses. At the end of the training, a test has to be passed. Only then, the garage can call itself an authorised Pirelli Performance Centre. But it does not just end there! Pirelli will keep an eye on every one of their Performance Centres to make sure; the quality is being maintained at all times. Every Pirelli Performance Centre (“PPC”) garage must pass a particular test twice a year in order to stay a PPC.

The Mill Tyres team has achieved it all due to hard work, passion for their work and the ambition to always learn new skills and continuously improve themselves. Everybody at Mill Tyres is highly skilled and very passionate about cars – especially Sports cars. Edward Sands, the owner of Mill Tyres has been working in this industry for 34 years, so his know-how and practical experience is outstanding.

At Mill tyres we certainly use leverless technology only (a MUST for all PPC garages) for mounting/demounting tyres, to ensure no rims are ever being damaged. Our GSP 9700 wheel balancer makes sure all wheels are perfectly balanced, even taking the wheels for a simulated road test.

Our Hunter Hawk Eye wheel alignment system is the most outstanding alignment system on the market. By using a unique alignment scissor lift (another requirement for every PPC member garage) and the most advanced technology, our highly skilled experts will adjust camber, caster and trust angle to perfection when working on your precious vehicle. Customer satisfaction and optimum safety are guaranteed.

Our team’s hard work, passion and knowledge will make sure, customers – and Pirelli are always happy with our services. We make sure, we will never lose our PPC status, and our customers will stay with us for many years to come.

Pirelli England’s managing director Dominic Sandivasci said about us: “We are well pleased with Mill Tyre's performance and hard work. Congratulations to the Mill Tyres team! Well-done ladies and gentlemen - the job was well done - keep it up!” Mill Tyre's PPC is serving High-end car owners in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Important: Please note, if you are not driving an expensive sports car but “just” a regular, everyday vehicle, we still think you should get the best service. Whatever you drive, we will be happy to look after your car and provide you with our know-how and best technology for 100% safety and satisfaction!

We provide all our customers with the printed results on your vehicle’s alignment and a full guarantee on our work.

Please visit our new e-commerce website to see all pieces of equipment If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email 01205355849/ milltyres.ed@hotmail.co.uk – or just come to see us at our workshop.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Edward Sands and your Mill Tyres team