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Selling Tyres in Kirton

A cheerful hello to the Kirton car owners!

How long have you been suffering because of lack of access to original car parts in your area? What about the absence of a good quality garage that fails to fulfil the need of modern cars?

Your suffering ends today!

Mill Tyres is one of the UK's leading sellers of original car parts and a reputed garage based in Boston. We are less than 5 miles away from Kirton; hardly a 15-minute drive.

We sell tyres and replacement OEM parts from the most well-known brands. All the products that we supply and fit your vehicle with are backed by the quality and warranty of that brand. We are priority vendors for brands like Bridgestone, Kumho, Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli, and Hankook. 

What is your preference? Are you looking to buy good quality yet cheap tyres or high-performing premium tyres? Do you need tyres fitted to your car or is it a truck that you drive? Do you drive on motorways or off-road terrains?

No matter what your preference is, we are well equipped with a broad range of tyres that will meet all your motoring requirements. The varying types of tyres that we sell to car owners across the UK are:

Type of vehicle: car tyres, van tyres, truck tyres, motorhome tyres, caravan tyres

Weather condition: summer tyres, winter tyres

Driving Surface: car tyres, 4x4 tyres

Specialised requirement: run-flat tyres, performance tyres, agricultural tyres 

You can glance through these tyres at our garage in Boston. If you are feeling too lazy to get out of that couch, then visit our site www.milltyres.com and browse through our offerings and buy tyres online. You will receive your ordered model within 1-2 working days in Kirton. 

Why go anywhere else when we can provide tyres Kirton motorists need with ease?

Recommended car garage for your modern car

Operated by some of the finest technicians and armed with the right equipment, our workshop possesses all the resources required to take care of your modern vehicle. If your MOT test is due, we can provide a comprehensive class-4 MOT check of your car, with complete repairs and recommendations to help your vehicle pass the MOT test without any hassles.

We work with utmost sincerity and transparency, and no repairs and replacements shall be performed without your prior consent. You will be notified and kept in the loop throughout the process. Here are few of the services that we provide to our customers:

    • Servicing and repairs of components such as tyres, exhaust system, brake, suspension system, battery, AC and many more.
    • Engine Diagnostics service to remedy the 'check engine' light issue.
    • MOT class-4 vehicle checks to ensure that your car is roadworthy.
    • Tyre fitting service which includes necessary checks such as wheel alignment, balancing and straightening.

These are handful few services of what we cater to our customers. To learn more about what we offer, visit our website or talk to our service representative. You may drop us a line on 01205 355 849.