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Selling Tyres in Frampton

Hello Frampton residents!

Do you own a vehicle? Are you facing difficulty in obtaining OEM parts for your car? Do you have to travel long miles just to get your vehicle checked at the garage? Do you have an MOT test due soon and have no idea where to go?

How about we offer a solution to all of the above-mentioned troubles!

The answer to all your problems – Mill Tyres garage in Boston

Mill Tyres is an established car garage located in Boston, that serves as a tyre retail shop, MOT test centre, and a vehicle servicing workshop. We are at 87 Field Street, which is less than 4 miles away from Frampton and easily accessible through A16 road.

Tyre Retail Shop with other OEM parts available

Mill Tyres boasts a huge inventory of varying types of tyres manufactured by globally recognised brands. The tyres that we sell find use in standard as well as commercial applications. We cater to the needs of the passenger as well as high-performance cars. The prices of the tyres we supply are highly competitive and come with the promise of the brand's warranty and quality. Hankook, Pirelli, Kumho, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental are some of the top brands that are available at Mill Tyres.

Loads of survey and research had been carried out by our team to understand the types of tyres that are used in the UK. We know that many users prefer to switch their tyres with changing weather conditions while few prefer to use the same tyre throughout the year. Therefore, we categorise our tyres primarily as:

Summer tyres – for your warm weather driving

Winter tyres – for driving in cold weather condition

All-season tyres – for driving throughout the changing weather conditions

Taking several domains into account where tyres find application as well, we supply following types of tyres:

    • Standard use:

Car tyres – Fitted to standard cars for on-road use

4x4 tyres – Fitted to vehicles designed for off-road driving

    • Commercial use:

Motorhome tyres, Van tyres, Caravan tyres, Truck tyres

    • Specialised use:

Agricultural tyres, Run-flat tyres, Performance tyres

You can buy tyres online from our website www.milltyres.com and get them delivered to your house no matter where you live in the UK. Click on the search box present on this page to browse through our stock of tyres right away.

With easy access to such a broad range of tyres Frampton motorists need not go anywhere else!

    • Mill Tyres Services

Our garage in Boston is equipped with the modern machinery and equipment capable of taking care of your modern car. The range of services we provide are:

  • Vehicle service
  • Pre-MOT check
  • Wheel balancing and wheel alignment

Repairing and servicing of all crucial car parts like shock absorbers, brakes, suspension, exhaust components, and batteries. Replacements for all OEM components will be provided and fitted as well.

Get to know us better by visiting our site www.milltyres.com. Drop us by our garage anytime during the working hours, and we will walk you through our workshop. If you have any questions for us, call us on 01205 355 849.