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Selling Tyres in Fishtoft

Greetings to the car owners of parish Fishtoft!

A pretty beautiful place to live in, but the residents often have to traverse long miles just to find a good garage. We, at Mill Tyres, aim to offer a solution to this long-standing problem by serving the people who live in Fishtoft and provide them with quality car services and OEM products. We are based at 87 Field Street, Boston; just a 10 minute drive away from Fishtoft.

Mill Tyres has a high-quality workshop that is operated by trained and experienced mechanics and is equipped with the finest technical equipment to ensure fast and cost-effective repair of your vehicle.

Our car services include (but not limited to):

    • Class-4 pre-MOT check
    • Car service
    • Engine diagnostic
    • Component inspection and repair (exhaust, brakes, shock absorbers, batteries, AC and many more)
    • 3D wheel alignment and wheel balancing
    • Tyre repair

All the repairs and the OEM replacements we provide adhere to manufacturer's specifications. If you cannot come to us, fret not, as we offer convenient pickup and drop off service as well. If you want to experience maximum quality at unbeatable prices, you must visit Mill tyres in Boston.

Tyres Fishtoft Motorists love

You can now choose to buy tyres online from our site www.milltyres.com. Just type the details requested in the search box provided at the top of this page, and a treasure trove of brand new tyres will open up to you. All our tyres come with manufacturer's warranty with the highest standard of quality. Some of the tyre brands that are part of our inventory are:

  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Kumho
  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone
  • Hankook

Not just standard car or off-road tyres, we also sell tyres that can be fitted to numerous types of vehicles for varying functionalities and specialisations. The different types of tyres we sell are as follows:

    • Car tyres – standard tyres for on-road driving
    • 4x4 tyres – tyres designed for off-road driving
    • Van/Truck/Motorhome/Caravan tyres – tyres for differing heavy loads
    • Summer/Winter/All-season tyres – tyres for differing weather conditions
    • Performance/Run-flat/Agricultural tyres – Specialised tyres with unique traits

Visit our garage or our website, and explore our stock of most excellent tyres Fishtoft residents!

Do you still have concerns or questions regarding the tyres or our car services? Talk to us! Give us a call on 01205 355 849. We will be happy to answer all your queries.