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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?


Read the fault memory

The error codes are our "secret language" with your car. What your car "tells us" is worth the money, because damage can be repaired early. Therefore: As soon as the control light starts to show on the dashboard, take your vehicle to our workshop to get the engine diagnostics done.

At Mill Tyres Ltd in Boston, we can do it fast, uncomplicated at fixed prices and even without the appointment!

By evaluating the error codes, it is usually possible to determine the severity of the errors, the further diagnosis and the troubleshooting.

  • Early detection of malfunctions
  • Expert analysis of the values
  • No appointment booking necessary!

Fast service - without booking or on request with appointments includes reading the error memory

At the latest when the corresponding control light flashes in the cockpit, it is time to read the error memory. Using electrical voltage and sensors, a vehicle diagnostics system - in the case of newer vehicles usually the onboard diagnostics (OBD) - continually measures the technical data of your car.

These and, above all, malfunctions or damage are stored and reported via the cockpit, if necessary. This makes it easier for us to check and repair your car, which saves you time - and money.

If you get your vehicle’s error memory read at Mill Tyres Ltd, the following service is waiting for you:

Fault memory Readout using special software and hardware errors Erase (sporadic errors or after repair)

Verification of the statistical errors and the affected vehicle component advice on repair options and estimates after the faults have been identified.

Your advantages at Mill Tyres Ltd:

Have a look inside.

Using our electronic diagnostic systems, we can quickly and accurately identify the cause of abnormalities in your car's driving behaviour. Above all, however, we also find faults in the fault memory, which cannot be noticed by you as the user of the vehicle.

Early diagnosis

If you periodically read out the error memory, we can detect malfunctions before they cause significant damage. Often it is only small issues, which must be repaired to prevent a major repair.

When should I get engine diagnostics done?

It is important that you keep an eye on the display in your dashboard. Here, new faults found with OBDs are displayed so that you can bring your car to the workshop in time.

If you can see the light flashing there, you should always bring your car to the workshop immediately. This is the only way to avoid major damage to your vehicle.