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Diesel and Unleaded Petrol

Part of our Mill Tyres Ltd workshop on Ascot Business Park in Boston is also a small, independent petrol station.

There we sell Diesel and unleaded Fuel.

We thought it might be a good idea to offer our customers high-quality fuel.

Most of our customers fill up their vehicle's tank for the first time after they've had the car in our workshop for a service, MOT or repairs - and then start coming to our "Mini Petrol station" regularly because they have noticed the difference between "normal", cheap fuel from larger petrol stations and super markets and our high-quality fuels.

Even people who have no knowledge about cars will notice that our fuel lasts longer and makes the engine run smoother than usual.

It might be a few pence more expensive, but with the proper fuel you can do more miles and do something good for your car's engine at the same time. So in the end, you are saving money!

Come over and have a try. You will be surprised!

Let us also give you a bit of advice on how to safe fuel:

    • Drive at a reasonable speed and avoid sudden acceleration and brakes as it causes the engine to burn more fuel and produce more CO2.
    • Try to avoid overloading your vehicle - any extra (unnecessary) weight should be taken out from the car.
    • Get you vehicle serviced regularly incl. oil checks - this makes your engine run more efficiently with less emission.
    • While driving, try to select the next higher gear as quickly as possible. By using higher gears, the engine burns less fuel.
    • When driving, try to keep all windows closed and if you don't need it very often, remove roof racks as this reduces air resistance. The vehicle uses less power - and fuel.
    • If you don't need to use the air condition in your car, leave it off. You can save a lot of fuel and safe the environment by producing less CO2.
    • Check your tyres regularly (we recommend at least once a month). If your car's tyre pressure is too low, your care uses a lot more fuel.

We hope, you found these little tips useful. If you have any questions, please contact us.