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Are you looking for Clutch Services for your vehicle?


Is your vehicle’s clutch broken?

Don’t worry, we at Mill Tyres Ltd can fix it for you.

Let us tell you a bit more about what causes a broken clutch, the signs and the repair costs…

If a clutch brakes, it’s mainly the driver's fault. The clutch should not unnecessarily be “stressed” when driving. The cost of repairing a defective clutch is quite high in a car. In the workshop not only the broken clutch is exchanged. Rather, a large part of the transmission must also be removed and reinstalled in the car. This extensive work process is very time consuming and is therefore reflected in the final price. At Mill Tyres Ltd will assure you though that we do our best to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible.

Causes of a broken clutch


The linings and other components of the clutch can endure a lot and do not break by themselves. If the clutch is a high-quality original part, the parts can even last until the vehicle’s very last drive.So normally, the cause of a broken clutch is not the “problematic” material. But the main cause of a defect is the driver and his/her driving style. When clutches are subjected to unusual loads during the shifting process, such as a long grinding, this increasingly tampers the linings of the discs.

Why is the clutch broken?

A conventional shifting process does not stress the clutch and therefore only has very little influence on the condition of material and abrasion. A clutch can be broken much faster if it is not used. The individual coupling parts are not completely separated. They begin to grind and are increasingly exploited. For example, while waiting at the red traffic light, some drivers

stay on the clutch for too long, until the traffic light turns green. It is not advisable to do this, because, during compression, the diaphragm springs are claimed, which can also be damaged in the long term. It is better to change the gear to neutral and start normal again. Also, the habit of some drivers of putting their foot lightly on the clutch during the drive is bad. The permanent actuation causes defects.

Signs and consequences of the defect

As a result of a defect, the clutch transmits the power of the engine only insufficient. The clutch no longer grips properly and allows most of the movements of its parts to slip. When starting, the clutch slips through and the engine is not stalled, no matter how much you accelerate. This symptom is at the same time one of the best signs which suggest a defective clutch. At this stage, improvement of the situation can no longer be expected and only a change of the clutch elements can restore the previous state and thus ensure safety during driving.

Cost of a broken clutch

The exact cost of a broken clutch is always dependent on your own vehicle, its manufacturer and the installed parts. In the costs, there are partly large differences. A double-clutch transmission is, for example, almost one-third more expensive to repair than a conventional transmission. As mentioned before, clutch repair/exchange is intense time work.

But our highly experienced experts at Mill Tyres Ltd know what they are dealing with and will be able to give you a very good estimate - so there will no unpleasant surprises when you receive your invoice.

So, please do not worry too much – we will get this sorted for you fast and reasonably priced.

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