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In order to keep your vehicle in good and safe working order, regular inspections are a MUST. They are an important prerequisite for the longevity and value of a car and not least for the safety of all vehicle drivers and passengers. But which inspection intervals are useful? Is regular maintenance really necessary? What types of inspections are there and what is being done exactly?

Please find below some answers to the most common questions of our customers: If you want to know more, please contact us. Our expert team at Sunset Tyre Centre in Boston will be happy to help.

Regular inspections are strongly recommended

Although the intervals between inspections are now longer than before, thanks to modern onboard technology, maintenance and repairs require far more complex skills from the workshops.

There are therefore no generally valid rules for certain checks and fixed intervals. Although only the main legal inspection (MOT) is mandatory, regular inspections are strongly recommended, as these have a significant impact on the manufacturer's guarantees and general vehicle safety.

The service intervals are therefore mainly determined by vehicle type and manufacturer. There are generally large maintenance intervals, for example, with spark plugs or the brake fluid. Even parts that are chronically vulnerable, such as the toothed belt, can now hold up to 120000 miles. However, in order to ensure maximum vehicle life, car service inspections are indispensable.

Small service and large service

Regular service maintenance is distinguished in small inspection and large inspection. The small inspection usually only involves an oil change and some basic inspection and re-fill work, such as the windscreen wiper system, the air filters or the brakes. Depending on the manufacturer, however, the scope of this maintenance type differs. As a rule, the vehicle hand book contains an indication of the small inspection.

The large inspection also checks the lighting, under the body, gearbox, axle drive, brakes as well as numerous other safety-relevant car parts affected by wear. The large inspection is, therefore, one of the most important investigations to ensure the safety of a vehicle and in order to avoid long-term, high repair costs. This way, faults in the vehicle can be detected and repaired at an early stage.

Car service intervals depend on the vehicle and the driving behaviour

An inspection should be carried out at regular intervals. Depending on the vehicle, driving behaviour and miles were driven, however, these maintenance intervals vary. For example, some car manufacturers recommend a large inspection after two years or about 18000 miles, while other vehicles have to go to the maintenance check after 10000 miles. Depending on the running performance of the car, intervals of only six months can also result. Information on the maintenance schedule and what should be renewed should be found in the operating instructions (hand book) or the service booklet of the vehicle. In modern vehicle models, the next maintenance date is calculated by the board computer. For example, the load on the engine or the engine oil is sensitively monitored. If a critical value is exceeded, the driver's recommendation is indicated by a light signal or a display.

Deadlines for car inspection should always be obeyed

After the first car inspection, the next maintenance date is usually marked on a small sticker on the door handle, a label in the engine compartment or in the service booklet. The onboard computer also reminds you of a time of the next service date in the workshop. At our Sunset Tyre Centre, we also offer our free "reminder service".

If possible, these deadlines should always be obeyed in order not to jeopardize the manufacturer's guarantee.

You should make sure that the service booklet is properly maintained by the workshop during inspections. For a car breakdown within the guarantee period, the manufacturer only pays if the vehicle owner can present a completely stamped service booklet. Even at a later sale of the vehicle, a complete service book is an advantage. A "checked vehicle" usually has a higher resale value compared to vehicles without regular service stamps.

By choosing Sunset Tyres to get your vehicle serviced, you can rest assured, that the maintenance of the car is strictly carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions with the best quality parts, materials, oils etc.

What are the inspection costs?

No matter whether you want to go for a big service or small inspection, it is worth taking your car to Sunset Tyres in Boston.

Our highly skilled team will work fast, accurate and cost efficient. We will certainly discuss the exact costs before starting with the service so there will not be any unpleasant "surprises"...