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Are you looking for a car workshop in the Boston area to get your vehicle serviced?Then come to us. We are easy to find on Ascot Business Park in Boston (DE24 8UJ)

There is no statutory interval for an inspection. Nevertheless, it should be carried out at regular intervals and especially before an upcoming MOT test to prevent long-term damage. Inspection according to the manufacturer's recommendation is a visual and functional test to determine deficiencies and wear.

Quality at Mill Tyres Ltd:

We check your vehicle exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions! This keeps the manufacturing guarantee!

And, if something needs to be renewed on your vehicle, we only use parts in original equipment quality.

What is inspected during the service?

In the first step, the control unit or the fault memory is read electronically and evaluated during an inspection.On the brakes, replacement of the brake fluid (brake discs/pads if necessary), we also check the air condition (interior filter, exchange of coolant, etc.), an oil change and if necessary, the oil and air filters will be changed. Your professionals at Mill Tyres Ltd Boston will then check the exterior lighting such as the setting of the headlights and locks as well as doors are being lubricated.

How often and at which intervals?

The inspection intervals are specified by the vehicle manufacturers, but also depend on the miles travelled.

In general, an inspection is advised every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. Many vehicles show an imminent inspection on the dashboard.

Distribute costs - avoid damage!

If you take your car to us regularly to get it serviced on time, your bills will not get too high. Of course, it will always cost something, but these expenses are reasonable and manageable - especially compared to potentially high repair costs.

For you to enjoy your car for a long time and keep it safe and reliable, it is worth investing in maintenance.